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What Does Your Pen Say About You

Posted on Thursday, 31st October 2013


Whether it’s a chewed Biro, an elegant Mont Blanc fountain pen, or a bookies’ shorty...

...what pen you carry can say a lot about you.

The humble pen has followed mankind throughout evolution. From the Ancient Egyptians who fashioned theirs from reeds some 5000 years ago, through to the copper nibs of the Romans, and the mighty Quill – which lasted for over 10 centuries, Man has always had a need to put pen to paper.

The Chairman of the Board 

The Cross is a pen for the connoisseur. If you carry a Cross you’re most likely to be someone wishing to make a statement. That statement is one of refinement and stability. You are not someone who goes for the cheap and cheerful. Not for you is a piece of light plastic to be scribbled with and then tossed into the trash. You prefer a pen fashioned from quality metals, finished with precision and refillable. You respect tradition. With 167 years to their name, Cross is an establishment pen. It’s likely that you have an emotional attachment to your pen, a shared history. You take pride in your appearance and when signing that important document you want to know your doing so with a quality writing instrument. You’re someone who lets your pen do the talking.

Job:CEO      Listens to: Classical      Drives: Bentley Continental

The Comfort Seeker  

If you pocket a Contour than you are amongst good company. It’s one of the most popular promotional pens out there. Though this does not mean you are one of the herd. The sheer volume of bold colours available means that a Contour appeals to those who want to make a statement of individuality. The Contour is used by those who like to stand out in the crowd, but won’t sacrifice form over function. By the very nature of it’s design, the Contour is the comfort seekers choice. Like a favoured pair of brightly coloured slippers, the Contour says I’m comfortable in my own skin, but I still want to be noticed.

Job:Sales      Listens to: Pop      Drives: Fiat 500

The Frequent Traveller 

If you carry a Flamenco you are probably a souvenir hunter. A favoured pen of the hospitality industry this is a popular printed pen which appeals to the magpie minded. You are someone who sees a pen as a useful tool and you’re not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. Though that’s not to say it’s all about you. A Flamenco user is most likely to pass on their free gift. You are someone who cares not for the attachment of objects and will happily hand over their Flamenco when you find someone in need of a pen. You’ve probably got a drawer full of the things at home.

Job: Tradesman      Listens to: Rock      Drives: Ford Transit

The Ecologist 

With Swiss precision the Prodir appeals to those who respect good engineering and the planet. It is the Eco-pen. If you use a Prodir you’re likely to own a Dyson, perhaps even drive an electric car. A Prodir user is the ultimate modernist. You dislike chintz, non- functional ornamentation, and frilly design. For you sleek and uncluttered is the way to go. You are a conscientious consumer, a recycler, and yet you can’t help but have little smile to yourself when you see that trademark ink-stained shirt of the archaic fountain pen user.

Job: Web designer      Listens to: Jazz      Drives: Vauxhall Ampera

The Brand Lover 

A Lamy owner is similar to a Prodir owner in that they are a modernist and have a liking for the sleek and simple design of a well-engineered pen. Yet they respect the tradition of a good name. Lamy dates back to 1930s and has evolved to be one of the giants of German industry. Like the German automotive industry Lamy comes with a certain prestige. Their bold, teutonic, and stark appearance might not be to everyones liking – and the Lamy user wouldn’t want it to be any other way.

Job: Architect      Listens to: New Wave      Drives: Audi A6

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