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Made From Leather with Flap to Protect Plug. Available in Brown or Black. Memory Capacity: 128mb to 64gb. Rohs Certified. Minimum Quantity: 50.

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This USB flash drive is not your ordinary storage device. It is made from luxurious leather, with a flap to protect the plug. It is available in two classic colors: brown and black. It has a large memory capacity of 128mb to 64gb. Plus, it is Rohs certified. Order now in minimum quantities of 50.

Why settle for a boring, ordinary USB flash drive when you can have one that is both stylish and practical? This leather flash drive is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement. The sleek design is perfect for both men and women. The black and brown colors will match any outfit or style. The large memory capacity is perfect for storing all your important files, photos, and videos. The Rohs certification guarantees that this product is of the highest quality

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