This FELT BAG TRIESTE is perfect for the modern woman on the go. It's stylish and sophisticated, yet still practical and functional. It has two long handles and a snap fastener, so you can keep your belongings safe and secure. Plus, your logo will be printed onto the bag, so it's a great way to promote your brand. The minimum quantity is 50, and other colours are available upon request. So why not make a statement with this stylish and unique bag?

Here are two scenarios where the FELT BAG TRIESTE would come in handy:

1. You're heading to a meeting and you need to bring your laptop. The FELT BAG TRIESTE is the perfect size to fit everything you need, and it looks professional and stylish. Plus, your logo will be prominently displayed, so everyone will know who you are.

2. You're going on a weekend getaway and you need a bag that's big enough to fit all your essentials, but not too big or bulky. The FELT BAG TRIESTE is

Price Range: £3.15 - £6.29


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