Looking to keep cool without using up all your energy or money? Look no further than the Fridget Universal Cooling Material! This light green material has an immediate cooling effect, so you can enjoy a refreshing feeling without having to rely on electricity or water. Plus, the minimum quantity is only 34, so you can easily stock up on this must-have material. Whether you're looking to brand your company logo or design, or simply want a promotional product that will impress your friends and family, the Fridget Universal Cooling Material is the perfect choice.

Here are two scenarios where the Fridget Universal Cooling Material would come in handy:

1. You're out on a hike on a hot day. You stop to take a break and pull out your Fridget Universal Cooling Material. You wrap it around your neck and instantly feel relief from the heat.

2. You're at a picnic on a sunny day. You forgot to bring a cooler, but luckily you have your Fridget Universal Cooling Material. You place it under your food and drinks to keep them cool and fresh.

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