Now customers can keep your brand on hand with this FULL COLOUR WINE BOTTLE COOLER. It's constructed out of soft, lightweight neoprene that provides style and comfort. The zipper maximizes insulation and ensures your beverage stays cool. It's an excellent product to have at sports events, corporate picnics, and in gift shops. It's designed to fit most beer bottles and is available in a variety of colours. You can take advantage of the sublimation process by customizing the wine bottle cooler with your company name and logo. Minimum quantity: 250.

Here are two scenarios of why you would want to own this product:

1) You're at a summer BBQ and it's starting to get hot. You reach into the cooler and grab a beer, but it's warm. Not anymore with this wine bottle cooler!

2) You're at a party and someone bumps into you, causing your drink to spill all over your shirt. But because your drink was in a wine bottle cooler, it stays put and you don't have to worry about changing your clothes.

Price Range: PoA


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