This laptop bag is perfect for the modern professional. It is stylish and sleek, yet has enough compartments and space to store everything you need for a busy day at work. The front of the bag can be branded with your company logo or design, making it a great choice for promotional merchandise. The bag is also available in other colours, such as black. Minimum quantity: 10.

Why choose this laptop bag?

- It's stylish and professional, yet still practical and spacious

- You can brand it with your company logo or design

- It's available in other colours, so you can find the perfect match for your brand

Here are two scenarios where this laptop bag would come in handy:

- You're a busy professional who needs a stylish and practical bag to carry your laptop, work documents, and other essentials

- You're looking for promotional merchandise that will be used and appreciated by your clients and employees

Price Range: £15.75 - £23.09


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