This neoprene wine bottle holder is the perfect way to keep your wine cool while you enjoy a nice evening outdoors. The neoprene material is durable and insulating, meaning your wine will stay cooler for longer. This holder can also be branded with your company logo or design, making it a great promotional item. The lead time for this product is 4 weeks and minimum quantities apply.

Here are two scenarios where this wine bottle holder would come in handy:

1. You're hosting a summer BBQ and want to keep your wine cool without having to run back and forth to the fridge.

2. You're taking a bottle of wine to a friend's house and want to keep it chilled during the car ride.

So whether you're enjoying a nice evening outdoors or just want to keep your wine cool during transport, this neoprene wine bottle holder is a great choice.

Price Range: £3.15 - £6.29


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