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Ring Shape with Silicon Diamond. Memory Capacity Available: 512mb- 16gb. Price for Lower Capacity. Available in White, Grey, Ice Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Purple. Minimum Quantity: 50.

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This is a beautiful and unique flash drive that will make a great impression on your clients and customers. It is available in white, grey, ice blue, lime green, orange, and purple, and can be branded with your company logo or design. The minimum quantity is 50.

The ring shape with silicon diamond is not only stylish but also practical. The memory capacity is available from 512mb to 16gb, making it a great choice for storing important files. The price is also very reasonable for the lower capacity.

This flash drive is the perfect way to show your clients and customers that you are a professional and stylish company. It is also a great way to promote your brand. Order your custom flash drives today!

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