This slim, smart cover is the perfect way to protect your iPad mini's screen without covering up its durable aluminium metal back. Made from polyurethane with a soft, colour matched microfibre lining, it keeps the display clean and is magnetically aligned with the iPad for a perfect fit. The magnet inside helps it stay in place, and it's available in various colours. Minimum quantities apply.

Why you need this slim, smart cover:

  • To keep your iPad mini's screen looking pristine
  • To show off the iPad mini's stylish aluminium back
  • To keep your iPad mini protected from scratches and bumps

How to use this slim, smart cover:

  1. Place the cover on your iPad mini's screen
  2. Align the cover with the iPad mini's body
  3. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your iPad mini is protected
Price Range: PoA


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